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Below is our Rental Process and Application Criteria Disclosure Statement. If after reviewing the statement if you would like to apply for one of our available properties for rent. Please click the following link to our available properties page on our website  http://www.qwestpm.com/grand-rapids-homes-for-rent

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Qwest Property Management, LLC

Rental Process and Application Criteria Disclosure

We believe that our residents deserve to be treated fairly at all times. As an equal opportunity housing provider, Qwest Property Management, LLC provides housing opportunities regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, physical or mental disability, familial status or any other classification protected by applicable federal, state or local law. Qwest Property Management, LLC is the management agent for many separate property owners; therefore, policies at each property may vary depending on the particular owner's preference.

**It is important that you read the following screening criteria below. If you do not believe that you will pass the screening criteria, we recommend that you DO NOT complete the application and DO NOT pay the application fee!!
Application Processing and Time Frame:
Processing an application normally takes between 2-3 days. In some cases, approval of homeowner associations, condo associations, homeowners, or unforeseen circumstances may require some applications to take longer. You will be contacted immediately upon determination of approval or denial. All adult applicants over the age of 18 must submit a fully completed, and signed rental application and application fee.
** No rental property will be held vacant at the applicant(s) request. If your application has been approved and you have officially been offered the rental unit. You will be expected to sign the lease electronically via email and pay all of the initial move in costs immediately. We will not hold the rental unit for an applicant who is not willing or able to sign the lease and pay the initial move in costs immediately. We do not offer the option to "hold" the property with a holding fee or deposit of any kind. The only way to lock up the property for yourself is to sign the lease and pay the initial move in costs. It may be possible that the actual lease start date can be a different date than the date that the lease will be signed. But, that is not guaranteed and any request for such delay, will be considered on a case by case basis and the request should be made prior to the applicant applying. Typically, the lease start date must be within 14 days from when the applicant(s) submit their application(s). Applications are considered "processed" as soon as they are submitted and so, ALL APPLICATION FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.
Application fees are NON-REFUNDABLE because all applications are "processed" the moment they are submitted. The non-refundable application fee is $40.00 each and anyone who is 18 or older and will be living in the rental unit must apply. Incomplete applications or applications submitted without the proper documentation and/or application fees will not be considered and again, application fees will not be refunded. If a co-signer is allowed, they will also pay the same application fee, and must complete the same application. And, again, application fees are non-refundable so PLEASE read this entire application criteria disclosure and only apply if you are confident that your application will be approvable based on the criteria disclosure you will be subjected against.
Upon closing the lease agreement, new resident(s) agree to pay Qwest Property Management, LLC a $100.00 non-refundable administrative fee for closing the lease agreement.
Additionally, upon closing the lease agreement, new resident(s) will be required to pay the full security deposit, which is generally equal to one months rent. And, they will be required to pay a full months rent upfront. If the lease start date will be on any other day of the month then the 1st. They will be charged only a prorated rent charge for the initial partial first month. But, will need to pay a full months rent at lease signing regardless. The overage rent portion will be considered pre-paid rent for the following month, and so, the resident(s) will owe less rent on the following month.
If the resident(s) are applying with a pet(s), please see the Pet Policy section below for additional move in costs.
All applicants must see the interior of the property before an application can be submitted. The property must be accepted in, "AS IS" condition before an application can be accepted, except where there is written agreement for maintenance or repair items. Verbal representations are non-binding. Our goal is to provide quality, up to code housing. Any housing violations will always be addressed.
All initial move in charges and subsequent rent payments/charges thereafter will be paid online or at our CashPay Partner stores. No payments will be accepted either in the office of management or by mail. Qwest Property Management, LLC reserves the right to change any payment processing policies, procedures, or options available to our residents. 
Resident Selection Criteria:
The household gross income must be at least three times (3x) the monthly rental rate for the unit they are applying for. In the event of multiple applicants applying together to create a "household." Regardless to the number of applicants who will be applying for a single rental unit, only the two highest income producing applicants within the group will be considered when determining the "households" gross monthly income to be used for evaluating against our 3x income requirement. Incomes must be verified in writing; applicants must provide recent pay stubs. Self-employed applicants will be required to produce the previous two (2) years of signed tax returns or IRS 1099 forms. Non-employed applicants must provide proof of income.
Rental history must be rated satisfactory or better. Previous rental history reports must reflect timely payment, sufficient notice of intent to vacate, no complaints regarding noise, disturbances or illegal activities, no NSF payments, and no damage to a rental property or failure to leave the property clean and without damage when you left the property. You cannot have an outstanding balance with any landlord.
Credit history and/or Civil Court records must not contain slow pays, judgments, eviction filings or bankruptcy within the past three (3) years. If you are denied due to credit, we will provide you with the name of the credit reporting agency so you may receive a copy from the same credit bureau. By law, we cannot discuss the contents of your credit report and can not provide you with a copy either.
Within the last 5 years, you can not have any felonies of illegal manufacture or distribution of a controlled substance or felonies of any kind. Felonies resulting in bodily harm or intentional damage or destruction of property, for example, ÔÇťarson", will not be approved regardless to how old the charge is.
We reserve the right to require a co-signer and/or a higher security deposit. Co-signers are accepted at the manager's discretion only.
Security deposits are security for faithful performance by tenants of all terms, covenants, and conditions of the lease agreement and tenants may not dictate that the security deposit be used for any rent due. Unless claimed due to a breach of lease or damages, the security deposit is refundable when the tenants move out of the property at the expiration of the lease term. However, as part of the lease agreement, tenants acknowledge that the carpets will be professionally cleaned after the tenant move out and at the tenant's expense, which will be deducted from the security deposit.
Any requested exceptions to the criteria will need to be submitted in writing to Qwest Property Management, LLC for consideration. If approval is then given for such exceptions, additional security deposit, co-signers and/or additional "higher" rent may be required.
It is likely that we may receive multiple applications from unrelated individual applicants on the same property at approximately the same time. If such is the case, we will process all applications for consideration as to what we (in our sole discretion) deem to be the applicant(s) who would be the least likely to default any and all terms of the lease. In such cases, more than one applicant may be approvable. Because we represent the best interest of the rental property, we will accept the strongest application. In order to evaluate the various applications, it is necessary for Qwest Property Management, LLC to expend time and cost in credit reports, criminal reports, and other administrative costs. Hence, our policy that the application fee is non-refundable. If your application is approvable, but not the approved one for the property for which you are applying, you may consider applying for other available properties that we may have, without payment of an additional application fee for up to 60 days from the notice we issue you at that time.
No pets of any kind are permitted without written permission of Qwest Property Management, LLC. An additional pet fee of $25/month, per pet will be required for all approved pets. No more than 2 pets per property. A non-refundable $200.00 pet review fee is due when signing the lease, and prior to moving in. Management will conduct two pet reviews per 12-month lease. Residents will be charged $100.00 per pet review for all ongoing pet reviews conducted after the initial 12-month lease, and no more than 2 reviews will be performed per year.
The following pets will not be accepted: Dobermans, Pit Bulls, Stafford-shire Bull Terriers, Chows, Rottweiler, German Shepherds, snakes of any kind, or any animal or creature considered to be "exotic" by Qwest Property Management, LLC. Restricted pets are not limited to what is listed above. Birds, rabbits, or other smaller caged animals, along with fish with tanks that are 3 gallons or larger are also considered pets, and will be subject to all pet costs and pet reviews described above.
Where applicable, this contract is subject to and contingent upon the prospective tenant(s) being approved by the condominium/homeowners association. The prospective Resident(s) will pay any non-refundable application fee required by the condominium/homeowners association and make application for association approval within 3 days from the effective date of this contract. Occupancy shall not be permitted prior to association approval. In the event that the prospective Resident(s) are not approved by the association and/or Qwest Property Management, LLC, this contract will terminate and any rents and/or security deposits paid will be refunded to the prospective Resident(s). Refunds are subject to applicant(s) funds having cleared our bank account. The non-refundable application fees paid to the association and to Qwest Property Management, LLC are not refundable under any circumstance.
Depending on the location of the property in which you are applying, there are regulated occupancy limits which we must abide by. For example, in the City of Grand Rapids, no more than four unrelated adults can occupy a single dwelling. If you apply and your roommates/household do not conform to these occupancy limits, your application fees WILL NOT be refunded. It is the applicant's responsibility to confirm with the local/state/municipal to confirm the applicant's roommates/household will comply with occupancy codes.